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About The Bluebell Walk

Since 1972 the Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail has developed into seven interesting walks over three working farms.
One of the walks of 2/3 mile (1100 meters) through Beatons Wood has been made suitable for wheelchair users. This is where you see white anemones followed by the vistas of bluebells, established over centuries. On this walk there are seats for you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of this oak and hornbeam wood. Along the walks there are signs illustrating the flora and fauna of the countryside for your information.
At neighbouring Parkwood Farm, milking of the large dairy herd can be seen from a special viewing gallery every afternoon between 3:00pm and 5:00pm. To get there involves a walk of about 1.5 miles, and you will have to walk back!
We have pens of sheep, pigs and angora goats for the children to see close up, but remember, pigs can bite! Ensure children wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and soap at the adjoining sink if they do stroke any of the animals.
For more information download the 2017 Publicity Leaflet here.

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Welcome to our New Look Website, which should answer all your questions about the Arlington Bluebell Walk & Farm Trail. At the bottom of each page under Navigation, there is a list of items for which you may wish to search, but please let us know if there are any omissions. Every Friday over the period we are open Saturday 8 April - Sunday 14 May, I will supply a mini report in this space, giving an overview as to how we expect the bluebells to look in the forthcoming week, but remember, it is nature that dictates their speed of growth! The above image shows that this year with still over two weeks before we open, the anemones are much earlier as compared to this time last year.  One wonders when we will see the first bluebell flower, in what appears to be an early spring brought on by the hot sunny days in the past week or two!
John McCutchan

  • The 45th Arlington Bluebell Walk & Farm Trail…
  • 2017 dates have been set…
  • from Saturday 8 April until Sunday 14 May…hope to see you then…

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