All about the weather


All about the weather



Thank goodness this week we have had some sunny and relatively warm days, so in parts of our 23 acre ancient oak wood this weather has encouraged the bluebells to bloom, giving that very distinct blue haze when looking through the trees, plus where the bluebells have not yet bloomed one sees the white wood anemones now fully out.









It has been a mixed week regarding visitor number, always so influenced by the weather, with the lowest number of only 21, yet at the weekend as it was sunny over 700 came, making it very difficult for the duty charity to plan for the number of volunteers required and of course the amount of food they can sell!







Our 5 acre cark park has only been opened for two days, as the underlying soil remains wet from all the rain we had this winter, so on the wet days even with just a few millimetres the water is unable to soak away easily, but finally disappears when we have a good drying wind or some warm sunshine. Thank goodness our wide road verge which has been reinforced over the years with plenty of stone has coped with our visitor cars, so everyone who made the journey here has been able to safely park!






The circular path through the Bluebell Wood has not been muddy as we regularly top the surface with lightly spread gravel to prevent it getting slippery, so the mobility scooters we offer have been constantly used. A very different story on the Farm Walks as several of the six walks available have muddy areas, which on this clay ground take some time to dry out, so good walking shoes or wellington boots are required!







The forecast for the coming week unfortunately is not encouraging with rain at times and no imminent return of the warmer weather, such typical English spring weather!

John McCutchan

This message was added on Thursday 14th April 2016

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