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June/July 2022 update

June/July 2022 update

Great crested newts and meadow conservation

7th July 2022

May/June 2022 update

May/June 2022 update

Bluebell Walk Report 2022 and Garden Update

6th June 2022

Update 17 May 2022

This is the last update for this year, as we close at 5.00pm on Thursday. Having to select the dates for the weeks the...

17th May 2022

Update 13 May 2022

Remember this is the last weekend this year to see the bluebells in Beatons Wood! They are still just hanging on under the...

13th May 2022

Update 10 May 2022

When walking round an ancient oak wood I am always aware that it has its own unique peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The blue...

10th May 2022