Blue and White


Blue and White

The blue of the bluebells with many fully out, amongst the white wood anemones now at their peak, plus the green leaves of all the bluebells that will shortly dominate the woodland floor, makes a wondrous sight especially with the sun streaming through the trees, as this week we have been fortunate to have had many sunny days. This has resulted in well over 4000 visitors this week, and thankfully the drying winds are allowing car parking to get back to normality, plus less complaints about muddy Farm Walks!

Pete Goldsmith our very experienced and official photographer has captured some scenes of what goes on in the Bluebell Barn,


plus a stunning image of the white wood anemones,


which will shortly be past their best and the bluebells will then be seen as a mass of blue, carpeting the woodland floor.


The timing of this phenomenon is dependent on the weather, as is so much of the Bluebell Walk! Warm days encourage the bluebells to flourish, then the tree leaves open and depress the light which the bluebells require to remain upright, but the colder weather forecast for this coming week delays the growth in Beatons Wood, especially the parts that face north.


John McCutchan

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