COVID-19 update 3


COVID-19 update 3


The Bluebell Walk Partnership have been meeting regularly to discuss whether or not we open the 2020 Arlington Bluebell Walk & Farm Trails. At present we are still planning to open the Bluebell Wood and all the Farm Trails starting on Thursday 9th April until Sunday 17th May from 10.00am to 5.00pm every day. 


Many of our followers on social media have expressed their regret that the coronavirus has forced us to close the Bluebell Barn and Book Room, so denying the participating charities the opportunity to fundraise. The money that they raise through their hard work in providing all the catering and other duties whilst the walk is open, is a valuable source of revenue that helps to sustain each of the worthwhile causes they support. The closure of the Bluebell Barn and Book Room equally denies our many thousands of visitors the opportunity to support the charities that are so often close to their own hearts.


Each year a percentage of the gatehouse entrance fees is donated by the Bluebell Walk Partnership to each of the charities. For this reason the listed entrance fees will still be charged this year as it will help us all to raise some money for the charities, who have unfortunately missed out on being able to participate this year.


Each charity listed to be present this year will be welcomed back next year, when we hope that this virus is a distant memory.  We trust that both the charities and our visitors can then enjoy the benefits of the numerous improvements we have already made in the kitchen, the Bluebell Barn, the new Front Terrace and across the walks with new signage. As well as these numerous improvements, we hope to make additional ones following the Bluebell Walk closing in May (finances permitting!).


This is a difficult time for all of us and the uncertainty surrounding the coming months is a source of stress and strain on us all. We hope that by keeping Beatons Wood and the Farm Walks open, it will provide a certain amount of relief and comfort to the visitors who choose to come. The bluebells in Beatons Wood continue to do their thing during this beautiful spring time event, regardless what is happening in the world!  However, due to the new social distancing guidance that the government has issued, we will all need to cooperate to try and reduce the contact between each of us when visiting the walk, so that we are all able to enjoy this wonder of nature. 


Therefore we are encouraging people to pay the entrance fee using contactless payments, that people queue for the gatehouse or the toilets (if this is necessary) with adequate space between each other (6ft or 2m).  Each of us must take personal responsibility when using the facilities, by following the hygiene information around hand washing and disposing of tissues etc carefully in bins or toilets. We also request that any picnics brought to the walk are consumed and disposed of carefully. 


The Bluebell Walk is traditionally a respectful and peaceful event, so we have every confidence that our visitors will once again show respect to each other and the few Bluebell Walk helpers.  These are members of the Bluebell Walk Partnership, their family, some charity members, also friends who have all kindly offered to help us out, to ensure that we do not close. 


We placed an order for a number of hand sanitising stations to help boost hygiene facilities. However, this order has been delayed as all supplies of hand gel are being requisitioned by the NHS. Therefore we advise you to bring your own if you have it. There will be hand washing facilities available as always, in addition we have arranged to have at least four portable loos, to supplement our existing toilet complex. 


We hope that through this cooperation everyone will be able to stay safe, enjoy their walk and have a memorable visit. Thus you may then want to visit again in 2021, when normality should have returned! We will of course keep you updated should any of our plans have to change again, so please check back regularly.

This message was added on Friday 20th March 2020



My Annual visit to The Bluebell woods has been sorely missed due to Covid 19. The woods bring great pleasure to so many Adults and children who visit every year. The atmosphere is lovely and it is so well run. I am Disabled and feel always welcome to visit. Plus the Old original farmer is so knowledgable and I love talking to him about nature. I hope he is well. Say hello to the bluebells for me and see you in 2021.Stay safe and take care all the best ANITA Hammond


Hello Anita, Thank you for your lovely message. We are all so sorry that everyone is going to miss the Bluebell Walk this year especially when everyone including the charities worked so hard behind the scenes getting everything ready.

We look forward to seeing you here next year, stay safe. Best wishes

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