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We have much to give you a great day out, especially when the weather encourages everyone to have a walk to enjoy our lovely countryside! You can download the Walks Leaflet, thus you can plan on which Walks you want to follow. If you have a dog feel free to bring it along as well, but please always keep it on the lead and read what we offer dog lovers.



The duty charity will have a great selection of cakes, scones and drinks for snacks. If you want lunch then there is a range of both hot and cold food as listed, also we encourage charities to provide much that will be home cooked. If you prefer to bring your own picnic, there are picnic tables in a shady corner of the car park field, but no barbeques please.



The Blue Walk round the ancient oak wood where one sees the majority of bluebells and white wood anemones, is never muddy even in wet weather. Quite different on the Farm Walks, as being on heavy clay after prolonged rain wellingtons are essential.



If you bring your camera then you might want to enter our Photographic Competition for both adults and children. You can find the details of this annual competition here, so why not enter and possibly win a cash prize and see your winning entry displayed on our website and at the Bluebell Walk next year.



We have a petting corner in the Animal Barn with Pygmy goats, and mother sheep with their lambs. We take great care to ensure that there are ample warm water hand washing facilities in this area, and we are monitored by Wealden District Council Environmental Health officers, to minimise any risk  so parents can be reassured.

To encourage children to learn about nature and what they might see when they visit, we provide a Children’s Quiz sheet based on walking round the Blue, White, Red & Yellow Walks and the answers can be found on the many notices we have around these Walks.  These quiz sheets are available at The Gate House or download here.

Remember in places there may be smooth single strand of electric fencing to restrict the area the cows are grazing so do not touch even if there are no warning notices. To get across this wire at one end there should be a black or red plastic holder which you unclip to release the wire, but please replace as we do not want the cows to get out!



May be helpful to identify the next numbered sign when on the Farm Walks as sometimes it might be across a large field, even though we would have cut down the grass to make an easy to follow path.



There are well maintained toilets at the entrance, opposite the Bluebell Barn including an accessible toilet and 2 unisex toilets. There are 2 unisex toilets in the car park and one at Parkwood Farm.


Your ideas

This is a new section we have added to our website, are there suggestions we might have missed, if so please let us know by our Contact Page.