July/August 2022 update


July/August 2022 update


Beatons Wood

I think this photo sums up the situation in the wood. With the dry, fallen leaves, you would think this was taken in October, not July!   Dry fallen leaves


More and more trees are showing what stress they are under as they struggle to absorb water from their roots. Even ancient woods such as ours, so important in fighting climate change, can suffer, meaning it is vital to keep a close eye on the condition of the trees.
Trees under stress


This photo shows water in the pond but the overflow is dry. How many weeks of rain before the overflow is working again?   Dry overflow


John McCutchan


Bates Green Garden

These are challenging times for gardeners. Here at Bates Green Garden, we are working to conserve our water by only watering newly planted stock. We do this early in the morning and very thoroughly, making sure that we soak the roots of the plant rather than the leaves. Cutting back brown crispy stems and leaves serves two purposes. It will allow the eventual rain to immediately soak into the root area and it instantly smartens the garden too giving the gardener that feel-good factor.

We are taking the opportunity to assess plants in the garden in terms of their drought tolerance. My new mantra is “if it can’t survive a drought its out!” Some plants such as this Allium ‘Summer Beauty’ are going from strength to strength undeterred by the lack of water. Great for the bees too.

Allium Summer Beauty   Allium with bee


Our containers are providing colour, texture and scent, and grasses like this Stipa ‘Ichu’ move so gracefully in even the slightest breeze.

Summer containers   Stipa ichu

Colutea arborescens is a shrub enjoying this hot weather. The common name is ‘Bladder Senna’ after the unusual inflated bladder-like seed pods which will burst with a loud pop if squeezed when half-ripe. Fun factor for gardeners. Eventually when they are fully ripe, they pop on their own (silently….) and will germinate if conditions allow. The yellow flowers are pea-like and appear in June.   Colutea arborescens


Emma Reece - Head Gardener

You can book a visit to Bates Green Garden at www.batesgreengarden.co.uk



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