July/August 2023 Update - Garden


July/August 2023 Update - Garden

What a dry July we have had in this part of East Sussex, with barely any rain, and strong winds to boot. However, as I write this, it is drizzling away, and has been doing so all day. A relief for the plants, I’m sure. Gardeners too.

Today, we held the third in our series of Bates Green Garden Study Mornings with the theme being the very topical ‘Wildlife’. We were able to discuss in detail the various ways we could invite and nurture insects, birds and mammals in a garden setting.

  Wildlife Walk  

Local naturalist, Steven Homewood led an extremely informative and fascinating Wildlife Walk in Beatons Wood and the Wildflower Meadow. During the walk, we were proud to find a beautiful but toxic fungus, Sulphur Tuft, growing on a decaying tree stump, and Steve even went down a rabbit hole!

  Sulphur Tuft   Down a rabbit hole  


It was a damp day and so the usual display of butterflies was not present in the meadow. Nevertheless, we did find some sheltering butterflies and learned amazing facts that will make us look at these creatures in a whole new light. We plan to run a series of three Wildlife Walks here with Steve in 2024, so watch this space for details.

  Meadow Brown sheltering  


Our summer containers are such fun to plan; we never really know exactly how they will turn out, and there are always interesting surprises. The growth habit isn’t always what it says on the packet! On Thursday 31st August, our next session will focus on designing, planning, planting, and maintaining your containers, so why not join us and see how we do it. (Booking link below.)

  Summer containers  


At our final meeting on 28th September, we will be Collecting & Sowing Seeds from the Garden. The team is already busy gathering seed heads as they ripen, and during the session, we will demonstrate various sowing techniques and give you the opportunity to practice.

Bates Green Garden is a beautiful setting in which to learn and to spend time with like-minded folk in a relaxed space. The home-made cake is always very good too! You can then treat yourself to a delicious lunch and choose to spend the rest of your day here, exploring the Garden, Wildflower Meadow or Beatons Wood - take your pick.

Hope to see you all in the Garden before the summer is out.


Emma Reece - Head Gardener


Find out more about our garden at batesgreengarden.co.uk


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