June/July 2023 Update


June/July 2023 Update


Beatons Wood

This image shows that after the bluebells there is still colour, as this year we seem to have more foxgloves than ever.

  Foxgloves in Beatons Wood  


The work in removing young brambles and weed grasses continues steadily, a necessary task to ensure that when the wood anemones and bluebells appear they can be seen at their best.


There are two new videos we have added to the website on the VIDEOS page, which you may like to view when you have time. 

The first, under the BLUEBELL WALK section, is titled ‘Bluebells appearing in Beatons Wood 2023’ taken on a time lapse camera, set up by Pete Goldsmith a retired professional photographer, who has taken many iconic images, which you see displayed around the Bluebell Barn, and a range of cards that are sold on the HOPS stall. Still from timelapse video
The second, under the MUSIC section, is ‘Bluebells in Arlington by Henry Bristow’.  This is part of his ‘Haunt’ project and is an atmospheric tune composed, performed and produced by Henry, with views he has taken when making his regular visits to the Bluebell Walk, which inspired him to create this piece of music. Still from timelapse video


Little would my father realize, that when he took over this private 24 acre tranquil ancient wood in 1921, that it would become such a special and relaxing place for our many visitors. So, being the fortunate custodian, it is my duty to ensure that this continues not only for the next 50 years but far beyond.


I was fortunate a few weeks ago to visit the Eden Project and, after a lapse of 15 years, was amazed at its progress, quite awe inspiring.  Always on the look out for ideas on how to improve our visitor experience here, I found they used these restaurant pagers. 

  Food service pager  


I will introduce them next year, thus saving the Duty Charity volunteers much time by finding and delivering who ordered what dish.  It will now be up to the visitor to do the leg work, as when their pager bleeps, they go to the new reception hatch to collect their order, whether they be seated in the Barn, Front Terrace or Sun Terrace!


Photo competition

We have received many entries to our photographic competition so far but there is still plenty of time to enter as we are keeping the competition open until the end of October when the Garden closes. It’s easy to enter. Full details and instructions can be found on the website


John McCutchan




Summer has finally arrived!  We have waited so long this year, the cold nights held everything back but now I feel as though plants are actually growing.

This has meant that we can plant up the summer containers with specimens that will bring colour, scent and joy to our garden visitors plus the added bonus of nectar and pollen for our beloved pollinators.  We use a mixture of our home-made compost plus sterile peat free multi-purpose and plan to feed regularly with organic seaweed fertiliser.  We also deadhead assiduously every week on a Thursday morning after Garden opening on Wednesday.  One lucky gardener gets to take home a bunch of sweet peas every week and we swoon as we drive home with the delicious fragrance filling the car.  Pure summer joy.

Bates Green Garden worked with the Sussex Cancer Fund last month to raise money for this fantastic charity.  They work with the NHS to help make life better for cancer patients in Sussex and what a jolly, professional and hard-working bunch of volunteers they were!   They also made the most delicious cakes plus cream teas. Another symbol of summer in my opinion.

The Middle Garden is coming into its own now the weather is warmer. We have worked hard to make this a more climate resistant area, please do come along for a visit and let us know what you think.  Here are some snaps for a taster…….


  Images from the Middle Garden  


Study mornings

We held our second study morning, on the subject of summer propagation, last Thursday and received some nice feedback. It was a very enjoyable session.

For details of future study mornings see www.batesgreengarden.co.uk/study-mornings.html


If you know of anyone who might be interested please do forward these details to them.


Emma Reece - Head Gardener




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