Memorial to Loved Ones

In 2010 we received a request from a grieving husband, who wanted to mark the death of his young wife. From the year they first met they had visited the Bluebell Walk together, until her death.

Various ideas were discussed, including placing a discreet plaque, but it was felt that perhaps we should not have visible signs recording the death of a loved one in Beatons Wood, as this could be upsetting for other bereaved visitors.


The Memorial Glade


Memorial GladeIn 2012 we installed four benches in a semi-circle in a secluded area of our wood. We called this area The Memorial Glade, where people can sit in peace and comfort, to reflect and think. The view from these benches is not disturbed by other paths users, and we have planted holly trees to ensure a sense of privacy as they grow.



Spreading ashes of loved ones in Beatons Wood

If we receive a request to do this, we take it as a compliment. This private Wood is such a special place which holds many many happy and lasting memories for visitors. 

We do not allow the scattering of ashes during the Bluebell Walk, as this could be upsetting for those recently bereaved.

We do ask for a donation (which now includes VAT) towards the upkeep of this lovely ancient wood.

Please contact John McCutchan by email or phone 01323 485151 to make suitable arrangements.