NHS Thank you Day


My daughter Philippa Vine in 2020 came up with the idea, when we were clapping every Thursday evening for the NHS, that we dedicate the last Wednesday in April, offering each year free entry to the Bluebell Walk for current NHS employees, so 2022 is our first one!


Another personal reason for having this NHS Thank you Day is that from 2012 – 2019 my late wife Carolyn McCutchan was intermittently in the Pevensey Ward of the Eastbourne District Hospital under the care of Dr Grace and his dedicated and caring staff. A discrete collecting box for the hospital is sited at the back of the Animal Barn.


Free entry applies to the Bluebell Walk and Farm Trails only. Entrance charges apply to Bates Green Garden which will be raising funds for St. Wilfrid’s Hospice who are looking after all our visitors on this day.