November 2019


November 2019



Autumn in Beatons Wood

How quickly the year is passing, now the clocks have gone back and the young trees are changing into those various glorious golden colours against the green of the ferns and mature oaks.

  Autumn colours

Fungi 1Fungi 2The fungi have suddenly appeared in different parts of the wood with their distinctive shapes and forms.


We had the side branches of oak trees in the Millennium Avenue cut back to improve the visual effect and next autumn a few more of the smaller trees will be removed to give more space for the more dominant trees to expand. 



I think that autumn now starts later and continues longer, meaning winters are not so cold, so hopefully spring will not be delayed.  The dates we have chosen for the 2020 Arlington Bluebell Walk we hope will coincide with a wonderful display of the white wood anemones coupled with the first early bluebells. 

The dates are Thursday 9th April to Sunday 17th May


New charities for 2020

This year we have three new charities, who will be welcoming our visitors, offering them a range of delicious refreshments and keeping the loos clean and sparkling!  They are The Chestnut Tree House a children’s hospice for Sussex ( , Friends of the Eastbourne Adoption Centre for Cats Protection based in Hailsham ( and Care for Carers supporting unpaid carers in East Sussex (


New signage

New notices for the Farm Walks

We supply all visitors with a map and step by step details of how to traverse the six Farm Walks, but each year we hear of some visitors who find it confusing and often feel lost!  This coming Bluebell Walk we think we have the solution!  In place of the large numbered signs at each gateway we have more descriptive signs, which are coloured to indicate which Walk you are on.


Major improvements planned for 2020

It is easy to make these plans but sometimes outside factors frustrate what we want to do!  So we hope you will be able to enjoy these improvements, but time will tell!  Major refit in the kitchen - a new layout to maximise the space, a new cooker, second dish washer machine and insulate the floor.  Double glazed opening windows on the south wall in the Bluebell Barn to be able to control the temperature in the Barn.  Front Terrace - door from Bluebell Barn to picnic area under the two oak trees, surrounded by a low level post and rail fence.  Two new unisex toilets necessary for those busy weekends - to be built adjacent to the slope leading to the Accessible Toilet.  Coppicing about half an acre near the Lower Pond – part of our Management Plan for Beatons Wood to coppice an area every four years, which invigorates the bluebells by letting in more light.


My aim is for the next blog to be posted when we have some interesting news to convey.


John McCutchan

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