October 2021 update


October 2021 update

Autumn colours

With some topsy turvy weather over summer and into Autumn it seems the usual autumn colours have been slow to develop, confounding earlier predictions. But the signs are now there and we anticipate our last few open days this year will provide a real treat.

Montage of autumn images from the garden

According to the National Trust, autumn colour has been voted as our favourite thing about the season, even beating the build up to Christmas and watching TV (for adults at least ;-) ).

So what is it that causes the leaves to change colour? The green colour is from chlorophyll, which is used by the trees to convert the sun into energy. When this process ends, the chlorophyll breaks down and reveals the underlying yellow and orange. The red pigments (anthocyanins) are a result of sugars in the leaves. Pamela Smith, National Trust National Gardens and Parks Specialist said recently: ‘The warm, sunny days that many of us experienced in September, and rainfall in some areas of the country has helped many tree species build up additional sugars in their leaves’.

So, after that September sun, the current weather seems set to boost what could be a really good year for autumn colour - some sun, rain, and colder temperatures.  So we are expecting the garden and in particular Beatons Wood to look glorious.  



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