October/November 2022 update


October/November 2022 update


Beatons Wood

We really are experiencing amazing weather.  These two images taken on 1st November, show the tree leaves predominately green as in September, yet the woodland floor has enough coloured fallen leaves to remind us it is actually autumn!

Green leaves in autumn   Autumn leaves


This year we have never seen so many froglets. You literally have to watch where you put your feet if you are near the two ponds.  These froglets are now found throughout the wood, searching for food, mainly small bugs, small fish and smaller froglets than themselves!  Once they reach this stage, froglets are carnivores and require animal-based foods in their diet. They are amphibians and can live in water or on land. As tadpoles they would have started life as herbivores, eating only algae, plankton and decaying plant matter in the pond.   Froglet


The local Newt Conservation Partnership people came over to inspect their three test pits dug in July and were delighted that being on heavy clay there was a substantial amount of water in each.  They are going to send over copies of the agreements they want me to sign for 5 or 25 years, the latter if taken sadly will outlast me!  It is encouraging that in the Upper Pond, a large number of newts have been seen, so the proposed new ponds should be quickly colonized.


Arlington Bluebell Walk

The last Open Garden was on 26th October, so now plans are well under way for the 2023 Bluebell Walk, which will be a significant year, as it marks our 50th Bluebell Walk since 1972.  In 2001 we didn’t open due to the Foot & Mouth Pandemic and then in 2020 it was Covid.  The dates now set will be Wednesday 5th April to Wednesday 10th May, but we have no idea whether it will be an early or late spring!  To help visitors, a short report is published every Tuesday and Friday whilst we are open. This update appears on the Home Page of www.bluebellwalk.co.uk stating how nature is dealing the white wood anemones followed by the bluebells.

A significant change will be introduced for the Friends of Arlington Bluebell Walk & Bates Green Garden, in that membership will be for a rolling 12-month period.  Thus, it makes no difference when you take up your membership, be it before the Bluebell Walk or after, as it means you then have free entry to either the 2023 or 2024 Walk. Further details are in Emma’s report from the garden below.


John McCutchan 




Bates Green Garden

We ended our Open Garden season with a celebration for all our season ticket holders and other friends and supporters of the Garden.

  Garden visitors  


The Ukeholics of Eastbourne provided a delightful and fun musical accompaniment to our party and delicious cakes were made by Sarah at Bay Tree Foods and enjoyed by all. 

  Eastbourne Ukeholics playing in the barn  


Why not buy a season ticket yourself next year? You will then be a Friend of the Garden (and also the Bluebell Walk) which will enable you to visit regularly and really appreciate how the garden changes throughout the year.  You can find more details and a sign-up form on the website at www.bluebellwalk.co.uk/friends-of-arlington-bluebell-walk

We were fortunate that the sun shone on the day and lit up the autumn leaves and stems on show.  Since then, Storm Claudio has arrived and swept the branches almost bare.  However, raking up leaves is excellent exercise. We store them all in a pile and are currently using last year’s lot as a crumbly and fragrant mulch.

Yesterday, I dismantled our succulent display and moved all the plants under glass.  Although the glasshouse is unheated, they will survive low temperatures as long as they are kept virtually bone dry.  Their worst enemy is the dreaded vine weevil larvae, we keep this at bay by using predatory nematodes twice a year.

  Succulents under glass for winter  


The cold frames are filling up with hardy stock that we have grown from seed mainly for our Middle Garden project but also for the container displays next year.  We will plant as much as we can before any inclement weather prevents this.

Cold frame full


We will miss seeing our visitors every week but at least we can now create havoc without having to tidy up!

The garden will be open again in February 2023.


Emma Reece - Head Gardener



Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trails - www.bluebellwalk.co.uk

Bates Green Garden - www.batesgreengarden.co.uk





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