Open Dairy Farm


Open Dairy Farm

What strange weather we are experiencing. The spring appears to be colder than the past winter months when we had fewer ground frosts than we are experiencing now! This cold weather means that we are having a long period with the bluebells looking amazing amongst the white wood anemones and, as the forecast for the coming week appears unchanged, this means the bluebells will continue look fabulous in the coming week.


On the Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May our neighbour Peter Appleton is having an open day at Parkwood Farm which is the home to his 400 cow herd. The day is sponsored by Tesco & Arla Milk. The aim of this special event is to give interesting information about the various stages of the production of milk, before it gets to the supermarket. There will be a mobile classroom where children can learn about dairy farming, plus a quiz and loads of giveaways! Peter’s vet will be there to explain his role in ensuring all the cows are kept healthy and their important welfare needs. The viewing platform allows you to watch the cows being milked between 3pm and 6pm. You can visit the calving yard, the cubicles, learn about the feeding and daily routine of a dairy cow.


This is the first time such an interesting day has been organized. If you go via the Bluebell Walk it does mean nearly a 3 mile walk there and back, so bring your wellies if it is a wet day!

John McCutchan

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