September/October 2022 update


September/October 2022 update



Beatons Wood

The much-needed recent heavy rain has enlivened the waiting spores of so many different varieties of fungi. This image of one of the more useful fungi discovered is called by different names dependent on the book you consult! Birch Polypore, Piptoporus betulinus, Razor Strop, or its new name according to Emma’s expert is Fomitopsis betulina.

  Birch polypore  


I could fill several pages about these fascinating organisms; their historical use and interesting medical attributes, but have resisted! If you would like to read more, take a look at and for those of you with a more scientific interest, the fungus even has a paper written about it in World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology discussing its potential for further research.


These Parasol Mushrooms were recorded three weeks ago by John Glover, a professional photographer who is pictorially chronicling Bates Green Garden through the seasons.

John Glover Photography Ltd.

  Parasol Mushrooms by John Glover


Front bank to Bates Green Farm

We had wanted to sow wildflower seeds in the spring, to enjoy their different colours in June, but if you remember back to April, the optimum time for sowing remained dry without any warm April showers. There was little point scattering expensive seed on our dry clay, but our patience was rewarded as the September rains allowed us to create a perfect seedbed. This image shows green growth appearing, so I hope it is our seed and not self-sown weeds!

  Front bank  



Our Photographic Competition Winning Images

Congratulations to all the winners, whose images can now be seen in the . Their pictures can also be viewed at the 2023 Bluebell Walk as they will be mounted on boards and fixed on the wall leading to the Gate House.


Monies raised by the Bluebell Walk since 1972

This year the 26 local charities benefited by £82,574 the highest annual amount since we started. When we were producing this year’s brochure, we mentioned the amount of money raised since 1972, and I thought it would be more in context to adjust the figure based on the current inflation rate, as £100 raised in 1972 would now be worth 15 times that amount! To make each year’s calculation, I used a popular ready reckoner available on the internet, then added up all the adjusted values over the years on my calculator! Thanks to ‘fat finger syndrome’, working with five figure numbers, the £1.8 million figure used in the brochure should have been nearer £1.3 million, so I offer my apologies. Those who enjoy numbers can find the report Summary monies raised 1972-2022 on our downloads page. In the report, each year’s monetary figure is shown alongside the equivalent value adjusted for inflation, plus the number of charities involved. (Direct link:


Bates Green Gallop

On 18 September, we were pleased to welcome back Bates Green Gallop, a trail run organised by We Run They Run I Run. The runners complete as many 3.5 mile laps (through the woods, fields and farms) as they wish within a 6 hour period. It was a real success with many happy smiling faces and some impressive distances run by lots of runners. Great weather too!

  Runners gathering for Bates Green Gallop  


To see the run from a runner’s perspective, here is a link to a video that one of the entrants made: 


John McCutchan




Bates Green Garden

After such a dry hot summer, we were unsure whether the many mature trees and shrubs here in the Garden would put on their usual stunning show or not.

It looks very much as though our fears are unfounded.  The leaves are developing into richer shades every day, and these are highlighted by the autumn sun shining lower in the sky. 

  Autumn colours in the garden  


We have crab apples - sumptuous and shiny, euonymus fruits in shades of pink and orange and berries in abundance. 

  Euonymus fruits   Crab apples  

We are open every Wednesday up to October 26th and so do come along and enjoy the show.

I consider myself very fortunate to have the privilege of working with such a dedicated team of gardeners.  We all have our different strengths and talents but one thing that unites us is our determination to put Nature at the forefront of all decision making.  Here are just some of the team beavering away in the Middle Garden. 

  Some of the team  
  From left to right: Harriet, Lucy and Christine  


This area is going to be transformed over the following few months into a garden that can cope with drier summers and increasingly damp winters. 


Emma Reece - Head Gardener





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