Thank you weather


Thank you weather

Thank you weather – spring has finally arrived!

It was beautiful and peaceful in the woods this weekend. The daffodils leading to the woods are making way for the wood anemones which in turn will herald the arrival of the bluebells. The bluebells themselves must be as relieved as we are, after spending so long underground to finally be able to burst free into that luxurious blue carpet and bask in the long awaited sun before the trees close the canopy above. Insects too will be dusting off the winter cobwebs ready for some serious pollinating.

Did you know that the name anemone probably comes from the Greek anemoi meaning winds or, in mythology, wind gods? The opening of the blossom was believed to be due to the arrival of the spring winds, or maybe a gift to the wind gods. Another name for the flower is windflower.

This message was added on Monday 15th April 2013

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