The 44th Bluebell Walk is open


The 44th Bluebell Walk is open

The 44th Bluebell Walk was opened by Geoff Rowe the Hailsham Town Crier and those present raised a glass to celebrate its start and that the weather will be favourable for the duration. The cold weather we missed in the autumn and winter arrived in March and is still here at the beginning of April, just when we should expect warm spring conditions!


These unusual weather patterns of a mild and very wet winter followed by a cold start to spring appears to have affected the number of the white wood anemones flowering in Beatons Wood. The theory is that in the wetter parts of Beatons Wood some of these rhizomes of these delicate white flowers may have rotted, as last year in particular they appeared as a white dense carpet over the entire wood, their whiteness emphasized by the green leaves of the bluebells yet to emerge. This year the bluebell flowers are appearing in places before the wood anemones, giving the sight of both white and blue, but it is the blue haze which is the more prominent colour, except the area between the Upper and Lower Ponds being well drained, so the wood anemones are appearing on cue with no sign of bluebells!


The numbers of visitors have been affected by the cold winds in this first week, so the car park has had to be closed on some days following the heavy showers, meaning parking on those days has had to rely on the wide road verge. This area of parking is secure, as it was reinforced with a firm base in that wet year of 2012, when it rained on most days the Bluebell Walk was open and visitor numbers were so badly affected, a repeat which we hope will not happen this year!


The changes we introduced this year have been well received by visitors and some photos to illustrate what you will see on your visit are attached and we welcome you to come and see them for yourselves.


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