Update 11th May 2018


Update 11th May 2018

This is the last weekly report for 2018, on how nature is influencing the bluebells in Beatons Wood


It`s a delight to see the bluebells have retained their colour throughout Beatons Wood in spite of all the recent hot weather. Wherever you look there is a blue haze. Their late arrival due to the cold spring was disappointing when we first opened, but it does mean that visitors who come on the last day we open (Sunday 13th May) will not be disappointed.


In the north east corner of Beatons Wood the bluebells are still a stunning blue, as in this area they were not affected by the heavy rain and strong winds. Also, facing north they were the last ones to flower.

Beatons Wood View 1

Unfortunately the next photo (the second of two views I have been sharing each week) shows a path where thoughtless photographers have walked into the bluebells to get their unique image, in spite of notices asking that the bluebell leaves are not trodden on. As I have written many times before, this vital request is so that they can build up reserves ready to flower next year.

Beatons Wood view 2


I would like to thank all our visitors for supporting us, and for the brilliant reviews that have been posted on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to seeing you all again next time.


A report on the highs and lows of the 46th Annual Arlington Bluebell Walk & Farm Trail will appear on the website in due course.


John McCutchan


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Thoughtless Photographers/R Batt

What a shame that people are so selfish perhaps if they were photographed and shamed on line it would make them think. Unfortunately it probably wouldn't work as they are possibly doing it for financial reward or to enter your competition. A rule could be added to say " photographs taken off the path will be automatically disqualified "as I am sure you know your woods inside out Kind regards

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