Update 17th May 2019


Update 17th May 2019


Enduring Bluebells

A Remarkable Year


The 2019 Arlington Bluebell Walk has been the best ever, unusually with plenty of bluebells on the day we first opened on 11 April, as the white wood anemones normally predominate for the first few days.   We close this Sunday yet there is still a good show of bluebells at the far end of Beatons Wood being north facing, making it quite a remarkable year!

North Facing



Cow Parsley


This image of cow parsley in full flower along the Millennium Walk shows the diversity one sees over the five weeks we are open. 

Cow Parsley

Prior to the start of every Bluebell Walk, the Millennium Walk is a mass of yellow from the wild daffodils.  Then when we first open, this Walk is green from the dying leaves of the daffodils, followed by a fresher green from the emerging cow parsley with some bluebells.  As we close it is now mottled white from the cow parsley flowers.




This image of the Lower Pond shows the effect of what appears to be an ongoing drought in this part of the country. 

Low water in pond

Since we opened there has only been one day of rain and still the forecast is predominately dry!  This must be very worrying for our neighbouring farmer having planted his maize, which he will harvest as winter fodder for his cattle, as I have yet to see the first shoots appearing.


This is my last Report on the bluebells for 2019 and I hope it has been helpful when planning your visit here.  I write regular newsletters throughout the year, about the maintenance work that has to be done in Beatons Wood and preparations for the 2020 Bluebell Walk.  To receive them just sign up on the website!


John McCutchan

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