Update 20th April 2018


Update 20th April 2018

Third weekly report on how nature is influencing the bluebells in Beatons Wood


What a difference a week makes, as yesterday was the warmest April day since 1949 and the bluebells are responding at long last!  With warm nights they are growing fast amongst the white wood anemones, which this year have lasted a long time with one of their best displays for years.


Beaton`s wood view 1The picture taken at the front of the wood shows the first signs of blue appearing and in areas that really catch the sun they are nearly fully out and abundant, as this picture shows.  The other image taken by the Lower Pond faces north, so this is where the bluebells will appear later.

Beaton`s Wood view 2

I am continually asked when is the best time to see the bluebells this year?  I suggest that coming on a sunny day before the bluebells are fully out, may be a better decision than waiting for them to be fully out, when it may be cold and wet!  Walking round Beatons Wood yesterday, it was sunny and peaceful allowing one to hear the birds singing, with the emerging bluebells looking quite special amongst their green leaves and the white declining wood anemones.


The wild daffodils on both sides of the Millennium Avenue have completely disappeared for this year, and the Walks over farm land are nearly mud free, so everything is looking good, but it has been a long wait.


The next report will be published on Friday 27th April.


John McCutchan


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