Update 21 April 2023


Update 21 April 2023

In areas the bluebells are 30% out, just waiting for warm weather, which unfortunately still is not forecast! If you prefer to walk round our ancient wood without crowds, we suggest you visit soon, as the last two weekends before we close will be exceptionally busy as more bluebells emerge. The cold east winds with sunshine have certainly helped to dry up the mud on the Farm Trails.


For a selection of videos showing the spring cycle in Beatons Wood see our YouTube playlist.


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Cold spring /Hazel Jelly

Is there any chance you may extend the season this year

Re: Cold spring/Bluebell Walk

We arrange the charities to cover each day the Bluebell Walk is open at the beginning of the year, so we have no idea at that time whether the bluebells will be early or late. This year our private bluebell wood is due to close on 10th May and we have no organisational cover to keep it open to the public beyond this time.

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