Update 27th April 2018


Update 27th April 2018

Fourth weekly report on how nature is influencing the bluebells in Beatons Wood


Amazing the difference a week makes with the bluebells all in flower and the white anemones that have been predominating in the earlier reports, now have disappeared in this first image.

Beatons Wood View 1

The second image taken by the Lower Pond that faces north shows the bluebells still have some way to catch up, so the anemones are still present.

Beatons Wood View 2

This cooler weather is just what we want, as it means the bluebells will take their time to complete their flowering cycle, so it currently looks as if there will be enough to last, until we close on Sunday 13 May.  We certainly do not want heavy rain with strong winds as this tends to flatten the bluebells, and any return of that very hot weather, which thankfully is not envisaged by the forecasters, encourages the trees` leaves to quickly open, which then darkens Beatons Wood and deprives the bluebells of their light, so then they quickly start to set seed.


The notice asking visitors especially photographers not to walk amongst the bluebells is having some success, so the number of metal hoops I erect as soon as I see that one person has ventured off the main paths, are less than I had to put up last year!  Unfortunately a photographer this morning, who I found amongst the bluebells, said he had not trodden on any flowering ones, but what he failed to notice that the steps he took were crushing the young seedlings from the seed I sowed last autumn!


The next report will be published on Friday 4th May.

John McCutchan


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