Update 28th April 2017


Update 28th April 2017

What a fantastic year for bluebells and all spring flowers, as there has been no heavy rain or strong winds to buffet them.  These cold nights have certainly held the bluebells just as they have reached their prime, and it is just a sea of blue throughout the 24 acres of Beatons Wood, plus their scent wafting around when it is warm, but for best results it should be neither too hot nor too cold!  The white wood anemones have virtually all disappeared, so if it is just bluebells you want to see, now is the time to come.


One of the iconic views in Beatons Wood


Last year we sadly had many inconsiderate people making their own private paths into the mass of bluebell flowers,  which meant the bluebells were trodden down and the leaves could not create the reserves needed for the following year.  This year we have a large notice as one enters Beatons Wood, asking our visitors to respect these precious English Bluebells so all who visit can enjoy their full glory.   We have also introduced metal hoops which have been erected where we notice the odd person has made some tentative steps into the bluebells, no doubt to try and get that perfect photo, but sadly some thoughtless individuals feel that this does not apply to them and either step over the hoops or even remove them.  To date It is certainly an improvement on last year, but it is very upsetting for us and also for so many of our visitors, who want to keep to the designated paths to just enjoy a peaceful and relaxing walk looking at the bluebells.

At Parkwood Farm one can look down and watch the actual milking of a large herd of cows, but it does entail a three mile walk there and back!  This Bank Holiday Monday the Appleton Family, for the second year running, are holding a special event sponsored by Tesco and Arla Milk from 11.00am to 5.00pm, to illustrate the work that goes into the care of their cows, so necessary for the production of milk at this farm.  It will cover many aspects of producing milk, plus cattle foot trimming, ultrasound scanning and the nutritional needs of the cows to maintain their good health.  There are tasty free samples of milk products available, as an incentive to walk the walk!

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