Update 3rd May 2019


Update 3rd May 2019

The bluebells throughout Beatons Wood are now fully out.  This view taken in the Memorial Glade is replicated throughout the 24 acres.  Visitors may not appreciate the forthcoming very cold Bank Holiday, but it does mean that these bluebell vistas will continue awhile!

Bluebell vista

I regret to say that in spite of us putting up our metal hoops to discourage visitors from walking over the bluebells, they are being ignored. 

Ignored signs

This year we added small pertinent notices sadly to no avail. 

Ouch sign

One problem is the increased ownership of smart phones, which means everyone is now a potential photographer! It does not help when the media publish shots of children amongst bluebells, little do they realize that once the bluebell leaves are crushed, then they are not able to build up reserves for flowering next year.

Destroyed bluebells

Another disappointing discovery is that the little cluster of Early Purple Orchids, that we see every year in one particular place on the ancient boundary bank of Beatons Wood have disappeared, except for this one pathetic example.  It appears they may have been moved to enhance somebody’s garden, so my apologies to the many visitors who will miss seeing them in their natural setting.

Lonely orchid

My next Report will appear on our website on Friday 10th May.

John McCutchan


This message was added on Friday 3rd May 2019


Bluebells /Liddy Leeding

What a wonderful part of our planet this oasis of bluebells is😍 I visited today and The bluebells were exquisite ❤️

Selfishness /Jonathan Close

To the people who think notices do not apply to them. The message is there for a reason, if you have stepped over the barrier to get a picture, just think that due to your selfishness there will be no bluebells in that area to enjoy next year...

They should be ashamed of themselves/Nikolai

What a terrible shame that people are still ignoring the very clear signage in these beautiful woods, and spoiling it for everyone else next year. Please do keep up the good work, and let’s all be extra vigilant when we visit to ensure we all obey and enforce these important and simple rules to keep the stunning vistas alive and well for the next generation.

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