Update 5th May 2017


Update 5th May 2017

The bluebells in their prime


We are amazed and so pleased that this relatively cold weather is just holding the bluebells in their prime, as this photo taken yesterday illustrates.  Many visitors are saying that this year the blue colour seems more vivid than ever, also they enjoy the bluebell perfume, that is currently apparent as you first enter Beatons Wood.  Amongst the trees where it is shady and the bluebell stems are not so strong, means the recent wind and rain has started to partially flatten these areas, but where there is plenty of light they stand up proud and strong.

We now only have ten days left before we close at 5.00pm on Sunday 14 May, and with a relatively benign weather forecast for these remaining days, I think it will mean that 2017 will be a record year with the number of visitors and the amount raised by the various charities.

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