Update 7th April 2017


Update 7th April 2017

We open on Saturday 8th April for the start of the 45th Arlington Bluebell Walk and what lovely warm weather we are currently experiencing. For the past two weeks Beatons Wood has been a sea of white from the wild wood anemones, which precede the bluebells.


The image above shows the first bluebells appearing amongst the white wood anemones. It was taken at the entrance to Beatons Wood, which catches the most sun as it faces south. It appears this hot weather is set to continue with virtually no rain forecast, which will encourage the bluebells to emerge. Beatons Wood is undulating, so the areas that face south tend to be ahead of the rest of the Wood facing north and you get a variety of colours as you walk round. The white wood anemones will gradually die down, showing a contrast of colours mingling with the white. Blue from the first bluebells set amongst the green of all those waiting to emerge and the brown of the tree trunks,  provide nature’s palette for the woodland scene, further enhanced when the sun shines.

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