Update 9 May 2023


Update 9 May 2023

This is the last weekly update for 2023 as the Arlington Bluebell Walk & Farm Trails closes this year tomorrow 5.00pm Wednesday 10th May. The bluebells still look spectacular, what a shame the weather for these last 48 hours is not sunny and warm, which has been in such short supply this year!

Those who still want to see bluebells from Thursday onwards can visit Abbot’s Wood, a very large wood nearby, owned by the Forestry Commission www.forestryengland.uk/abbots-wood.

Bates Green Garden is open every Wednesday from 17 May costing £7.00 and adult with the option to pay an extra £5.00 to walk round and explore the 24 acres of Beatons Wood, but ALL FARM TRAILS ARE CLOSED UNTILO 2024.

Dates of the opening of the 2024 Arlington Bluebell Walk & Farm Trails will be announced at the end of the year, once the charities who will be participating, have agreed on the day(s) they will be covering.

A Report on the 50th Arlington Bluebell Walk will soon be available to Download or if you are registered to receive our Newsletters, you will soon be sent your own personal copy.

John McCutchan

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